Selfportrait as Audrey Hupburn, September 2010
Hair & make-up by Karin Melissant

Welcome to the site of Sandra Hermann Photography. It's a small impression of her work for different clients from different countries. Specialized in authentic, sophisticated sphere and romantic light. Tose nostalgic pictures of Sandra are all indeed little poems, dreams, little romances, fairy-tales, pictures with a message. Masterpieces of art. It represents the beuaitufl world of her gentle feelings she keeps inside and wishes to share with you. And as always, Sandra never ceases to amaze th world in how absolotely pure and beautiful she is. This beauty and purity shows in all her work. Sandra lives and pictures from her heart and soul.

You'll get a glimpse of her work by browsing through her website. Please feel free to email, call or visit her for a personal presentation.

Sandra Hermann is perfectly charming and perfectly loving. She captues the dream, the dream that you remember when you wake up smiling...